Luxembourg: A cross-border investment centre for Korean companies

10 June 2021
In our upcoming webinar, we will provide Korean investment companies an overview of the benefits of using Luxembourg as a cross-border investment centre.

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Webinar date: June 10th 2021

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Cross-border investment is often characterised by regulatory complexity. As tax authorities everywhere are adopting the OECD’s BEPS recommendations and with the EU rolling out ESG requirements around funds, regulatory compliance will continue to play a critical role in cross-border investment.

At the same time, investor demand incentivises fund managers to launch new funds, including funds across borders as managers look to access new markets.

Therefore, despite strong investor appetite, managers who wish to establish a fund in a new country face significant challenges.

Fund managers must choose their target destinations carefully and understand their unique benefits and risks.

In this webinar, we will explore the benefits and risks of one particularly popular cross-border alternative fund destination — Luxembourg. The country is increasingly known as a gateway to the European funds market, but fund managers should know its reporting and registration requirements are becoming more stringent. 

Join us as we hear from our distinguished guests, featuring industry leaders sharing their insights on the Regulatory and Tax regime, and overview of EU green deal and its impact on the alternative investment market.





  • Vistra introduction by Jervis Smith, Country Managing Director Vistra Luxembourg 
  • Structuring considerations involving Luxembourg for Korean alternative investors by Thierry Braem, Partner, PwC
  • Green Deal and Infrastructure investment opportunity by Natalie Westerbarkey Director & Head of EU Public Policy, Fidelity International 


  • Sung Lee, Director Client Services Real Estate, Vistra Luxembourg