Luxembourg and Ireland: Two competing or complementary securitisation markets?

7 June 2022
Ireland and Luxembourg are the two main European securitisation markets and each country has over the years adapted their regulatory regime to make itself more attractive.

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Webinar date:   Tuesday, 7 June 2022  |  10am CET

While each market has its perceived benefits and disadvantages there is not often an objective comparison of the two markets.

What are the main criteria that originators, arrangers and intermediaries use and how does each market compare on these metrics? What are the differences for investors from the perspective of a corporate services provider?

This year, Luxembourg has passed a bill with the aim to modernise the current regulatory regime (i.e. the new Securitisation Law) and make itself more competitive, especially vs. Ireland. There is the expectation that new forms of financing and the possibility of active management will lure new SPVs into Luxembourg at the expense of Ireland.

Meanwhile, Ireland demonstrated innovation from legislators by recently enacting the Investment Limited Partnerships (ILP) Act with the aim to continue to be the domicile of choice for international originators and managers.

This webinar will look into market volumes and trends, along with recent regulatory developments, and try to compare both markets on an objective basis, including from the perspective of setting up and managing the SPV.

In this webinar, our experts will cover:

•    The current situation – Ireland framework vs Luxembourg framework, respective securitisation volumes
•    Recent regulatory changes in Luxembourg – will it be a game changer? 
•    Corporate Services Provider insights – what are the drivers for favouring either jurisdiction 
•    Outlook – developments that could impact volumes in either securitisation market
•    Q&A