Jonathon Clifton featured in CEO Magazine Asia with his management philosophy

27 April 2020
Change is inevitable in the business environment, especially in recent times. It brings challenges while also creating opportunities. Jonathon Clifton, Regional Managing Director for Asia-Pacific, recently talked to CEO Magazine Asia, about his view on change management, his management philosophy and what sets Vistra apart. 
Jonathon Clifton featured in CEO Magazine Asia

Having led his team through massive changes in the past decade to become what it is today, Jonathon sees change as an opportunity and therefore encourages his team to face change with a positive perspective. He said,

“It’s really important that a leader has a clear sense of where we are heading and why we are heading there, and is then able to articulate that vision and purpose to employees and clients. As an organisation, if you can embrace your team, embrace your people and engage your leadership team around the change journey, then ultimately you can be very successful.”

One of the things that sets Vistra apart from its competitors, Jonathon explained, is the fact that its headquarters are in Asia, which enables the company to really understand Asia and particularly the rapidly growing Chinese market where the company has close to 30 years of presence. 

Vistra also “puts the client at the heart of everything it does” by investing in technology to deliver a better experience for both clients and employees.

Jonathon pointed out that his experience as a professional rugby player in Japan before entering the corporate world has a great influence on his management style as both sports and business requires a strategy or a game plan and great teamwork. 

“You need different people in different positions; not everyone should be trying to do the same thing. So it’s recognising the diversity that you need to achieve your goal as a team.”  

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