Jane Pearce Featured in Connect Business Magazine in Jersey

15 March 2019
Jane Pearce, Managing Director, UK, Ireland & Channel Islands was featured in the cover story of Connect, a business magazine in Jersey, where she shared her views on the current trends of the corporate industry and the changing business landscape amidst political uncertainty and regulatory complexity.
Jane Connect Cover

Brexit and the China-US trade war have led to great uncertainty for businesses, but they also created opportunities as clients would need a service provider that can help them navigate the complexity. 

“With Brexit, it’s like any other monumental event that’s going to happen, we just need to keep calm and carry on,” said Jane.

She explained that Vistra does a lot of knowledge management by providing clients with webinars, checklists and documents to assist them to think about how they are going to be affected by political uncertainty such as Brexit.  

Looking into the future, Jane said it is important for the industry to be innovative with the use of technology in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness and service quality.

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