International expansion considerations for India-based businesses

24 September 2020
Important international expansion considerations for India-based businesses

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September 24, 2020 | 4PM - 5PM IST

Last year India overtook the UK and France to become the world’s fifth-largest economy. It has long attracted foreign investors due to its educated workforce, competitive salaries and growing middle class. Its services sector is in fact now the fastest growing sector in the world

Despite India’s enormous and rapidly growing domestic market, many local businesses — from tech start-ups to hotel chains — are looking to expand across borders. Expanding to more fully developed economies such as the U.S. and the UK can shorten sales cycles and increase profit margins, while providing first-class infrastructures and relatively predictable regulatory environments. 

While many countries’ regulatory regimes may be predictable and stable relative to India’s, each jurisdiction’s set of compliance requirements is unique and constantly evolving. In order to reduce risks and set realistic timelines and budgets, businesses in India must understand their compliance obligations before expanding into a new country. Proper due diligence in this area is a critical element of any successful expansion. 

This webinar outlines some important expansion considerations for India-based businesses. Here are some areas we’ll cover: 

  • Corporate structure considerations, including common legal entity options, permanent establishment risks, and the effects of increased remote working 

  • Immigration, including visas and work permits and requirements for sending expats on short- and long-term assignments 

  • Tax considerations, including the basics of transfer pricing and cross-border e-commerce 

  • Global employment, including the risks and benefits of hiring local employees and contractors, and the importance of understanding local compliance requirements 

  • Common employer obligations, including mandatory and customary benefits and their place in a total reward strategy 

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