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International expansion and operations basics

Whether you’re thinking about international expansion for the first time or are experienced at maintaining operations in multiple countries, there’s a strong chance you’ll benefit from this comprehensive review of cross-border considerations.

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Our presentation covers important areas like permanent establishment, employment and employer benefits obligations, expatriate requirements, and tax considerations.

It also contains important updates on recent trends you need to know, such as when to use an employer or record (EOR), the benefits of conducting a legal entity rationalisation, and employment redundancy considerations.

Here are the topics we’ll cover in this valuable, engaging webinar:

  • Budget considerations
  • Permanent establishment and global entity structuring
  • In-country options for establishing activities, including EORs, NREs and legal entities 
  • International staffing, including contractors vs. employees, local payrolls and expat employees
  • Transfer pricing basics, including revenue models
  • Economic substance laws
  • Indirect taxes, including customs and VAT/GST when selling or shipping internationally
  • Human resources considerations, including employer benefits obligations
  • Data protection considerations
  • Global legal entity tax-efficient clean-up and rationalisations
  • Employment redundancies




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