How to Promote Efficiencies and Avoid Cross-Border M&A Integration Pitfalls

1 December 2020
Join our very own, Saul Howerton, VP of Advisory and experts from Velocity Global and Excellere Partners for a discussion hosted by ACG Silicon Valley.

December  1, 2020 at 1PM EST | 6PM GMT

To reserve your spot, please email [email protected]

M&A deals continue to be an effective way to achieve growth, especially global growth.  Acquiring part or all of an established company is often the most efficient, least risky means of getting a foothold in a new country. In many deals, you’ll acquire employees who are familiar with your target market and have a proven success record. 
Each M&A deal is unique, and your options for getting your new employees and other assets up and running will be determined by many factors. These include: the country or countries your new employees are located; whether the acquisition is a carve-out deal or the purchase of an entire concern; the respective employer obligations of each jurisdiction; whether you have local legal presences; your short- and long-term corporate objectives; and more.
In this roundtable, our experts will describe these options in detail and take you through common scenarios companies face after cross-border acquisitions via real-world anecdotes.

Guest speakers:

Saul Howerton
VP Advisory

Mark Fielding
Strategic Partnerships M&A
Velocity Global

Michael Geldart
Excellere Partners