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German labour law news: What multinational employers need to know about changes to Germany’s Verification Act and new rules on measuring working time

Important changes to the German Verification Act came into effect on 1 August 2022, including new rules governing employment contracts and how employers must record employee working hours. Organisations that don’t comply face significant penalties and reputational damage. 

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It's crucial that multinational organisations with employees in Germany understand the new requirements related to German employment contracts and the penalties for non-compliance. In addition, the Federal Labour Court recently passed new rules on measuring working time that will significantly affect employment relationships.

In this webinar, Annabel Lehnen, Partner and Specialist Lawyer Employment Law at Osborne Clarke in Cologne, and Michael Schäfer, Vistra’s Head of Payroll and HR Services, will provide a comprehensive overview of the Verification Act, including its most important new requirements and wage tax relevant issues.

They will also explain how multinationals should proceed in light of the Federal Labour Court ruling on recording time.

Here are some specific topics the presenters will cover:

  • Introduction of German Federal Labour Courts Verification Act from 1 August 2022
  • The most significant new employer requirements under the amended Act
  • An in-depth look at new rules on recording employee working hours
  • Strategies multinational employers can use to quickly comply with the new obligations
  • Tax-relevant wage facts on inflation mitigation premium
  • Tax-relevant wage facts on minimum wage in connection with mini-jobs

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