Expanding Internationally? You Need to Consider Recent Tax Reforms - Webinar

19 March 2019
It’s been over a year since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law, drastically reducing the U.S.’s corporate tax rate. These and other changes to U.S. tax law, along with ongoing global tax trends, have major implications for companies considering international expansion and for those already operating abroad.

Multinational corporations need to understand the U.S.’s evolving tax rules within the context of the changing global tax landscape, including new and tighter restrictions on profit-shifting. The combination of these factors seriously affects what multinationals need to consider from a tax perspective, and how frequently they need to review their existing structures.

We have gathered some of our top experts to discuss changes to the U.S. corporate and individual tax regime and how they may affect your organisation’s expansion plans. Here are some topics they’ll address during the presentation:

  • Corporate tax considerations for companies expanding internationally, including permanent establishment, legal entity options, and U.S. state-level taxation
  • International tax structuring in light of recent U.S. and international reforms, including changes to depreciation and amortisation, the potential for “extenders,” and other tax implications
  • Potential benefits and disadvantages of U.S. reforms, including deductions for foreign-derived intangible income (FDII) and the global intangible low-taxed income (GILTI)
  • Individual tax implications and planning opportunities for business owners, investors, and executives, including changes to federal tax deductions and state and local tax considerations
  • Expatriate tax considerations for both employers and employees working across borders

Webinar presenters

  • Jon Lamphier - Managing Director, US Tax Practice, Vistra
  • Sonia Kanjee - Senior Manager, US Corporate Tax, Vistra
  • Bethany Swartwood - Director, US Tax, Vistra
  • Paul Rubino - Senior Director, US Expatriate Tax, Vistra