Doing business in Singapore: An introduction for multinationals

1 September 2020
Why your cross-border business should consider expanding into and operating in Singapore.

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Singapore has for decades attracted multinational groups for its pro-business regulatory environment, world-class infrastructure, educated workforce and political stability. It not only attracts foreign investors, it also has a high percentage of foreign workers. The small island nation is in short one of the true centres of our global economy. 

Because Singapore’s economy is so dependent on the global economy, it has suffered from pandemic-related headwinds. These headwinds may persist through 2020, but Singapore is in a great position to recover. Its economy is expected to rebound strongly in 2021, with a recent government survey predicting 4.8 percent growth. Given these conditions, there’s no better time for investors to take a long look at expanding into Singapore. 

This webinar addresses important benefits and challenges of expanding into and operating in Singapore. Here are some of the topics our experts will cover: 

  • The economic climate in Singapore relative to other Asian countries 

  • The case for Singapore as a business destination, including its tax incentives, legal system, COVID-related support schemes and more 

  • Local business structure options and compliance requirements 

  • Manpower and global mobility considerations 

  • A case study involving expanding into Singapore 

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