The compliance advantage: Strengthen these four areas to get an edge in 2022

24 February 2022
Every multinational company is aware of the stakes of noncompliance. Data protection fines and tax penalties can run into the millions, and related reputational damage can cripple an organisation overnight.

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Still, most organisations aren’t equipped to understand and fulfil their new and changing compliance obligations in all their countries of operation. Today’s compliance landscape is particularly challenging, with jurisdictions around the world introducing or updated requirements related to employment, immigration, tax, ESG and data privacy.

Regulators are not the only concern. Customers and investors are more informed — and demanding — than ever, making compliance gaffes particularly damaging to any brand.

The best way for organisations to protect themselves in this climate is to embrace compliance as means not just of lowering risk, but of differentiating the brand, increasing valuations and enhancing reputation. This will require devoting resources, but the benefits can be significant.

In this webinar, four Vistra experts will discuss the most important compliance areas multinational organisations should address when bolstering their compliance programs. Here are some areas they’ll discuss:

  • Updating corporate governance for a new era
  • Addressing HR challenges, including remote work obligations and independent contractor risks
  • Prioritising tax risks, including permanent establishment risks and ongoing reporting requirements
  • Addressing data protection risks
  • Conducting a compliance health check
  • Developing policies and procedures