CFO Podcast: Major Trends in the Corporate Services Industry for 2021

6 January 2021
These six major trends are shaping the industry.

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Vistra, a corporate services and technology firm with 4,600 professionals, recently released Vistra 2030: Unlocking opportunity for the decade ahead. The report is in its 10th year, and the new study draws on responses from over 600 senior corporate services professionals. It reveals six major trends shaping the industry, from the impact of Covid-19 to the perceived decline of offshore centres to the future of regulatory cooperation.

In this interview, CFO Magazine’s Nick Ciavatta interviews Simon Filmer about the report’s headline findings and what’s changed since the report began in 2010. Here are some other topics he covers:

  • The primary reasons for establishing entities and how priorities have shifted over the last decade
  • Five industry predictions, including the state of globalisation
  • How a more considered approach to information sharing will affect the CFO role
  • Challenges and opportunities for the decade ahead


Simon Filmer

Global Lead, Company Formation, Vistra