Blockchain technology in asset securitisation: Disruptor and game-changer? 

13 September 2022
Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Tokenisation and Crypto are often (wrongly) used interchangeably, and market participants interpret these buzzwords and their potential impact on the securitisation industry differently.


What are the main areas likely to be impacted across the value-chain? What advantages can originators, arrangers, intermediaries, and investors expect?

Over the last couple of years, various transactions have been structured with either parts or the entire deal on a blockchain. More recently, the size of these deals has increased significantly, and also the pool of underlying assets has been diversified.

Nevertheless, the technology is far from becoming mainstream.

This webinar will look into market volumes and trends, along with recent regulatory developments, try to identify the main advantages of using blockchain for securitisation but also assess potential risks that could prevent the technology from becoming widely adopted.

In this webinar, our experts will cover:

  • The current situation – what technologies are available, what steps along the value-chain are likely to be impacted, what are the advantages and risks
  • Recent regulatory changes across Europe – traditional securitisation regimes/countries vs. new regimes emerging
  • Case Study – example of a successful securitisation using DLT
  • Outlook – what could trigger a breakthrough, what could hold it back
  • Q&A
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