The Alliance of BVI Professional Services

19 January 2018

Vistra is proud to be part of The Alliance of BVI Professional Services who will be making a joint donation of USD100,000 towards supporting the ongoing humanitarian relief work in the BVI.

The Group, comprised of 19 professional services firms who practice or have offices in the BVI, is making a joint initial contribution of USD50,000 to Adopt a Roof and USD50,000 to the BVI Foundation. The funds will be used to support the ongoing humanitarian relief effort to rebuild the BVI and restore the Islands to their former state, following the passage of Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Adopt a Roof was set up to help local people left vulnerable with little money and no insurance by buying materials and paying the island's qualified builders to rebuild damaged homes. Similarly, the funds from BVI Foundation will be used to purchase, ship and erect modular containers as temporary housing on land made available to the Foundation in Baughers Bay and BCQS.

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