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Securitisation and Structured Finance

With a suite of services and international presence, we’re the go-to structured finance partner.

We have extensive experience of all types of securitisation products such as ABS (Asset Backed Securities) transactions, collateralised loan and debt obligations (CLOs and CDOs), asset repackaging and NPL (Non-performing loan) transactions.

We also have efficient solutions for project finance in virtually any country and are particularly active in infrastructure, aircraft leasing and shipping finance. We can meet the administrative and reporting requirements of virtually any issuance or structured financing, including complex arrangements which require a multi-jurisdictional solution. Operating globally means our clients benefit from a consistent approach to the servicing of their transactions regardless of which of our specialist jurisdiction you engage with.



Hypoport’s PRoMMiSe system

To support clients manage and administer their ABS portfolios it’s essential to have bespoke tools that allows you to do that in an efficient and structured way.

At Vistra we’re always looking for the best solutions which is why we utilise the Hypoport PRoMMiSE system, recognised globally as one of the best-in-class service solution providers, to enable us to service your ABS portfolios. It allows us to directly manage in house the day-to-day operations regarding valuation, risk management, administration, compliance, data analysis and reporting in a transparent and efficient manner, so you can get on with maximising returns for you and your investors.

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