Securitisation & Structured finance

Structured Finance is constantly developing and changing, even the underlying assets are evolving. You need a partner to work with you to deliver a solution tailor made to your exact needs. That’s where Vistra can help
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When you’re exploring new opportunities in securitisation and structured finance, things can quickly become complex – whether from restrictions imposed by regulation or the operational challenges of structuring a deal. It’s often evolving at pace.

These challenges can come from many directions during the life of the transaction. And it’s not just about the complexity of the deal, sometimes it’s simply about speed and access to the market. Whatever the market conditions, you’ll want an administration partner who can navigate you through any challenge. A partner that grasps the specific requirements of your transaction and helps you to find a solution that fits your needs and makes the most from any opportunity. 

With a presence across all major jurisdictions, we combine decades of global expertise with deep local knowledge to create bespoke services and solutions. Speak to our team now: Contact us.

Why choose Vistra’s structured finance and securitisation services

Right place, right time
Securitisation and structured finance are truly global markets, and as you grow locally or expand into new territories, you will want a partner that can go on the journey with you. We are there for you, no matter the time zone or location, providing expert solutions for your exact requirements.
Customised for you
Whether you are looking for financing, want to establish a specific vehicle or require administrative services, you need a solution that’s fit for your needs and delivers to your goals. Our bespoke solutions enable you to realise even the most sophisticated and complex transactions, with ease.
Traditional and new
As your underlying assets evolve, so do we. Our experience covers all asset classes from traditional types like mortgages, auto loans and aircraft leases through to new age assets driven by fintech and ESG. We are a team you can trust with collective experience across the global capital markets.

Our structured finance services

From SPV structuring, asset administration, waterfall calculations and investor reporting to the production of financial statements and regulatory compliance; we handle everything seamlessly and professionally, through the entire lifecycle of your transaction.


Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

While the ABS market continues to grow, the underlying assets of your securitisation – be that auto loans, real estate loans, trade receivables, non-performing loans, repacks, or new age asset classes – will continue to increase in sophistication and complexity. An administrative partner that truly understands your transaction and the market, is essential. Our global team has decades of experience in setting up and administering ABS transactions. At the same time, we’re also as bespoke and efficient as you need. Whether it’s SPV structuring or waterfall calculations, we’ll take the time to understand your transaction and build a dedicated solution for you.

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Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLOs)

The CLO market continues to show resilience and buoyancy, which means you need an efficient administrator of your trading operations. One that offers bespoke solutions designed around your processes and requirements. From setting up and administering the issuance vehicle, to the administration of underlying loan portfolios, we have the specialist teams that can help.  We work across time zones and are ready to leverage our experience and tech capabilities to offer you a unique combination of front, middle and back-office experience for CLO and Debt fund managers globally. Leaving you to focus on seizing your opportunity.

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Aviation finance services

Our team is a market leader in aviation finance services, having worked for over 20 years delivering bespoke solutions across aircraft acquisition and leasing support, warehousing, lease administration, cash management, waterfall calculations, investor reporting along with fiduciary and financial accounting services. We also hold a significant market share in Global Aircraft Leasing ABS as the Managing Agent, a role that is highly collaborative and specialised.

With a dedicated team of 150 aviation specialists, we deliver solutions and work collaboratively with all major international lessors, investors, issuers and private equity forms in relation to portfolios of big-ticket transportation assets, aviation assets and commercial aircrafts. 


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Why Vistra for securitisation and structured finance?

395 $bn
Assets under administration
2,000 +
Capital markets structures
400 +
Dedicated capital markets specialists
45 +

Technology & software that supports your structured finance and securitisation

When managing a global portfolio, having access to powerful solutions that help you stay on top of developments, wherever you are, is vital. That’s why technology plays such a critical role in our securitisation and structured finance service.

We utilise the latest tools and time-tested technology to support ABS sponsors and issuers, CLO managers and Debt fund managers in administering ABS and loan portfolios.

Our ABS platform (including the globally recognised Hypoport PRoMMiSe system) gives you greater control over your assets. It efficiently manages your day-to-day operations around valuation, risk management, administration, compliance, data analysis and reporting.

For CLO and debt fund managers, Vistra’s proprietary loan settlement tool provides a real-time status of loan trades, anywhere and at anytime, allowing managers to act and seize opportunities immediately. Our gold-standard Loan administration technology allows us to manage trade settlements, cash flow forecasting, asset maintenance, reconciliations and investor reporting. Leaving you in total control of your transactions.

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