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You have been re-directed to this website as OIL has now been rebranded to Vistra.

As of 13 February 2017, OIL has been rebranded to Vistra.

OIL’s clients will be able to benefit from Vistra's extensive range of services through our network of offices in 41 countries and leverage Vistra's knowledge in cross-border structuring, wealth protection and fund administration.

All email addresses have been updated to firstna[email protected].  Please update your records accordingly.

The address, phone and fax numbers of our offices remain the same.

In addition, “OIL Client Portal” has been renamed to “My Formations”. Please click here to login or register.

For further information about Vistra's Company Formation services, please click here .




我们的新电邮格式是 [email protected]。请更新您的记录。


此外,“OIL网上客户平台”已更名为“My Formations 客户平台”。 请按此 登入或注册。


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