Vistra reimagined – a one-time opportunity

In July 2023, Vistra and Tricor combined, bringing together powerful strengths and capabilities. It’s given us a one-time opportunity to reimagine not only who we are, but to drive the transformation of our category to accelerate progress.


Meet our new brand –

say hello to Vistra blue

We wanted to stand out from the crowd, so we’re leaving our legacy red behind.

Say hello to Vistra blue. A vibrant blue with clarity and intensity. 

Our distinctive logo is the symmetrical and balanced V and A. It has been crafted with a precision leading edge with the V for Vision and A for Action – coming together to form the reimagined Vistra.

Vistra Logo



Together with the Chinese Tricor characters, Vistra 卓佳 represents our strong heritage and combined capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region. We’re uniting the best of both organisations through our reimagined brand.


Our Journey - Brand on the Inside

We know that a brand is so much more than a logo.

Our brand brings together our unique skills, talents, and capabilities to create a promise and to deliver an outstanding experience for our clients. It’s how our brand on the inside underpins everything our clients experience on the outside.

That’s why we were very intentional about defining the culture we want at Vistra. We’ve co-created three Vistra values to identify the behaviours that help us achieve our purpose.


us not me
low ego
push for better