Vistra Fund Management Audio Interview Series

11 February 2021
This four-part audio interview series features Jan Vanhoutte, VFM’s managing director for the last 10 years, and Tomas Tobolka, an experienced real estate professional with over 15 years’ experience across all stages of the fund lifecycle.

Vistra Fund Management S.A. (VFM) is the Luxembourg-based third party alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) of Vistra Group.

Vistra Fund Management is authorised to act as AIFM to private equity, real estate, infrastructure, fund of funds and private debt alternative investment funds.

They are interviewed by host Aisling Hughes.


Vistra Fund Management Audio Interviews: Episode #4

In our fourth and final episode of the VFM podcast series, we brought Jan and Tomas back to the studio to talk about: 

  • the cross-border distribution directive,
  • Brexit and passporting, and
  • ESG-related regulatory requirements.



Vistra Fund Management Audio Interviews: Episode #3

In our third episode, Tomas discusses:

  • liquidity and transactions,
  • how investors are positioning themselves,
  • opportunities for debt funds and private equity, and
  • insights into conversations with lenders and peers.


Vistra Fund Management Audio Interviews: Episode #2

In our second episode, Tomas discusses: 

  • how COVID-19 has impacted the heart of the real estate, an asset class renowned for its stable cash flows,
  • the acceleration of trends that were already underway,
  • the K-shaped recovery, and
  • various real estate sectors, including retail, hotel, office, logistics, residential and student accommodation.


Vistra Fund Management Audio Interviews: Episode #1

In our first episode, Aisling interviews Jan and Tomas about:

  • the unfolding pandemic and its impact on investment strategies and valuations, and
  • actions taken by clients and VFM since the COVID-19 outbreak.