Vistra 2030: Preparing for a new era of globalisation

Since 2010, we’ve surveyed business leaders, investors and other professionals to better understand the issues affecting global business and how the fund and corporate services industry can help them thrive. Our latest report indicates a new globalisation is emerging, one with rising regionalisation, regulatory complexity and geopolitical tensions.

Vistra 2023

The changing contours of globalisation

Organisations are slowly gaining confidence in the global economy, with 40 percent of respondents reporting confidence about the ease of doing cross-border business, up six points from 2020 but still below 2018 levels.

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Navigating complexity

Multinational organisations and investors are recalibrating their strategies and redesigning operating models in response to global headwinds. This evolution will continue to influence what they demand from their fund and corporate services providers.


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What is clear is that the 'old model' of globalisation, in which the trajectory was towards ever-greater integration of the global economy, has been replaced by something different.
From the Vistra 2030 report

Vistra 2030 themes

Our latest research reveals three major trends about our global economy. 


Identifying risks and opportunities in a new era of globalisation: Experts discuss the latest Vistra 2030 research

In this webinar, four industry experts discuss Vistra 2030’s findings and explore related topics.

webinar identifying risks

Vistra 2030 resources

Understanding and interpreting operational complexity and regulatory obligations is at the heart of how we help firms capitalise on new opportunities.
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