Payroll and HR - Prague

Vistra Czech offers comprehensive payroll services.  We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality over the data provided to us and how it is processed. 

Payroll Czech Republic services include:

  • Registration of the company and its employees with tax and social security authorities;
  • Processing payroll information and calculation of staff remuneration;
  • Preparation of payment instructions for net salary, social security and income tax;
  • Preparation and filing of employees’ tax returns and social security declarations;
  • Preparation and filling of the company’s health insurance and social security declarations;
  • Preparation of reports for accounting and management purposes;
  • Compliance reviews;
  • Assistance with audits.

Human Resources Czech Republic

The  local  labour code  mandates  specific  requirements  and  responsibilities  for  employers.  Vistra Czech assists Clients in compliance with these regulations. Our services include:

  • Maintenance of employees’ personal files and work records;
  • Supervision of employee medical examinations as required by the labour code;
  • Issuing work certificates;
  • Preparation of statistical reports as required by the labour code;
  • Representation  of  the  company  in  front  of  regulatory  bodies, including assistance with labour audits.

Calculation of Employees’ remuneration

  • Processing  of  payroll  information,  calculation  of  remuneration  upon  receipt  of  data  (including bonus systems, fringe benefits, overtime etc.);
  • Calculation of absences: holidays, sick leave, maternity benefit and others upon receipt of data;
  • Preparation of coded salary pay slips;
  • Preparation and submission of  monthly social security returns;
  • Disbursement of funds to Social Security Authority;
  • Preparation of annual tax information for the employees

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+420 226 291 301
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