Commercial Law

Your external internal lawyer

Rather than engaging a lawyer on a job by job basis, there is an alternative.

We can act just like your own in-house lawyer

Under this service, we act as an extension of your business and, for a fixed fee, handle all your routine legal work within an agreed scope. Typically this might include contract advice, contract drafting, contract negotiation and compliance advice.

In addition, if required and as part of the agreed scope, we can manage your non-routine legal work such as litigation and property transactions. Our experienced solicitors know the legal market and can find the right firm for you at the right price for this non-routine work. We can instruct the selected firm, act as a liaison between you and the firm and provide a second opinion if necessary. 

The benefits to you of us acting as your external internal lawyer include:

  • a dedicated team who understand your business. You would therefore always have cover;
  • price certainty. No need to ask how much it costs each time and no nasty surprises;
  • the option to have our lawyers work from your premises;
  • the ability to provide support outside the agreed scope due to our market knowledge; and
  • flexibility - the ability to end the relationship if it is not working out.

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