Commercial Law

Contract review and advice

Your business will frequently be presented with contracts to sign. Are you confident that all of the terms are in the best interest of your business?

We have developed a number of different ways to review your contracts. These range from a detailed review to a quick sense check. This flexible approach means that we can provide a contract review that is appropriate to your budget and your risk profile.

Where required, our experienced solicitors can help you negotiate more favourable terms, whether by taking the lead in face to face negotiations or advising on tactics in the background. 

We can also help your business overcome any contractual problems and assist in exiting from onerous contracts.

Typical contracts on which we provide advice include:

  • Logistics contracts
  • Software development
  • IT procurement
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Media contracts
  • Long term supply arrangements
  • Supplier and customer terms of business
  • Agency and distribution contracts

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