Legal Compliance

Retail law compliance

The legalities of selling to consumers are more complex than might be expected.

Whilst the sales process between your business and the consumer can be simple, there is a raft of legislation governing:

  • advertising
  • product labelling
  • statements you can make in respect of your goods and services
  • information which must be given on your website, in any confirmatory email, where selling in a consumer's home and even where selling in-store
  • the terms of sale that you can impose upon your consumer customers

Failure to comply can have various consequences depending upon the breach including:

  • consumers not having to pay for certain services
  • consumers being able to use goods for up to 12 months and then claim a refund
  • consumers having the right to claim damages
  • criminal convictions
  • damage to your brand

We have helped a broad range of retailers in these areas and have also written numerous articles both in the legal and trade press on these subjects. Our expertise and experience enables us to provide your business with solutions which are both thorough and cost-effective.

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