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Vistra Private Office will act as your trusted professional partner to ensure you have access to the best advice from experts in their field.

Family enterprises face many challenges, principally driven by rapid changes in a globally competitive environment and the spread of family members across a number of countries, each pursuing their own goals and ambitions.

Our specialists have varied experience in private banks, family offices and professional services firms, giving you access to a wealth and breadth of knowledge.

The main areas we cover are:

Governance: implementing family constitutions/charters and suitable structures for efficient and inclusive decision-making coupled with long-term planning and conflict resolution.

Next Generation Support: assisting younger family members to help take over the family business or pursue their own ideas and aspirations.

Philanthropy: seeking out the most appropriate and effective way of leaving a lasting legacy, especially for cross-border gifts and donations.

Residence & Citizenship: giving guidance on the best jurisdictions that meet your requirements and assisting in all aspects of a move.

Education Planning: working in conjunction with specialists to ensure that education of children is planned in the most effective way, particularly in a new country.

Security: assisting, in partnership with specialist firms, in ensuring your family, your assets and your lifestyle are secure.

Concierge/Lifestyle Services: through our respected network of contacts in each of the locations we operate in, we can help you with your particular day to day requirements.

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