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We understand the risks and challenges facing families when engaging in inheritance and estate planning.

Regulatory reviews, legal obligations, disclosure requirements and fiscal changes are just some of the areas where having a trusted adviser whose breadth and depth of knowledge across jurisdictions can help to considerably mitigate risks, ensure full compliance with all obligations and anticipate change.

We can provide the following services to assist you:

Planning: coordinating tax and legal advice on new and existing structures to achieve the desired objectives.

Asset Protection: setting up of bespoke structures to efficiently hold any asset or investment. These include formations of trusts, foundations, incorporation of companies and administration of funds.

Asset Management: provide ongoing management, domiciliation and support for any structure including acting as director, trustee or professional protector.

Compliance Monitoring: ensuring any reporting and regulatory obligation is met on time, efficiently and adequately, especially across multiple jurisdictions.

Inheritance: assisting in the review of existing and proposed strategies, in conjunction with other advisers, to realise the most effective and robust solution.

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