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Vistra HR advisors keep you compliant and competitive.

You can get lost among the various labour laws of your countries of operation. You’ll also have to understand local salary and benefits norms, collective bargaining agreement obligations, cultural nuances and other issues that affect your international operations and how you manage your workforce. Keeping track of HR-related rules and customs — and implementing the proper procedures to ensure you maintain compliance — is critical to your success, but requires a vast amount of time and effort.

This is where Vistra can help. We understand the employer obligations and customary benefits offerings of virtually every country in the world. We’ll give you the information and advice you need to stay compliant and competitive in all your jurisdictions. We also offer on-the-ground HR support to minimize your administrative burdens. 

Here are a few of our HR-related services. Please contact us for complete details about how we can help your organization.

  • Pre-entity planning and employment guidance on proposed countries of entry
  • Ongoing mandatory and supplementary benefits management and guidance 
  • Compensation and benefits benchmarking, analysis and implementation 
  • Merger and acquisition support, including HR due diligence and transfer support 
  • Redundancy, layoffs and termination assistance 
  • Talent management and succession planning support 
  • Outsourced HR administration and business partner support 
  • HR and benefit audits

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