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Protecting your globally mobile employees and organisation

Vistra advisors will help you determine and implement your optimal global mobility strategy.

Assigning key talent to a temporary or long-term position abroad can be a wise decision for many reasons. But with each assignment you must consider expat payroll issues, tax preparation decisions, tax compliance support, housing, expense reporting and more. Done properly, your key talent will be set up to succeed in their roles. But if you make a mistake, your valuable employees can be distracted by personal concerns, tax complications or other issues that can diminish their effectiveness.

Our advisors are skilled at guiding executives through the ins and outs of managing globally mobile employees. We understand your obligations and options and will help you determine the optimal global mobility strategy based on your situation and risk tolerance.

Here are a few of our expat-related services. Please contact us for complete details about how we can help your organization.

  • Expat assignment policies
  • Tax and social security compliance and policy determination
  • Visa and work permit assistance
  • Assignment documentation and briefings
  • Home- and host-country tax return preparation
  • Expat payroll advice and support, including shadow payroll implementation
  • Expat "quality of life" guidance and support

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