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An escrow account is an ideal way to mitigate your risk in an M&A transaction or litigation and ensure you’re fully protected.

Please be aware that email scams can use Escrow services for fraud and you need to be extremely vigilant and carefully check any emails you receive requesting the transfer of funds.

Vistra will only conduct email correspondence with you from our domain, please ensure that you do not respond to emails using domains setup to impersonate Vistra.

We provide escrow services for a range of international businesses, including multinationals, accountancy and law firms, and government agencies. We set up and manage a special purpose vehicle to act as an escrow agent for your transaction, keeping your assets separate and making bankruptcy as remote as possible.

Our services cover all escrow functions to ensure transactions close securely and efficiently, and with total convenience for you.

The Escrow Process

  1. Both parties sign an escrow agreement and an escrow account is set up.
  2. Party B deposits funds in the escrow account.
  3. The escrow agent confirms receipt of the escrow funds to both parties.
  4. When a payment event happens (such as completion of the transaction) the escrow agent releases the escrow funds in accordance with the escrow agreement.

Our escrow service is for transactions including for:

  • Joint ventures
  • M&A 
  • Corporate finance
  • Assets sales
  • Real estate transactions and leasebacks
  • Assets securitisation

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