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Vistra ITCL caters to a full range of debt market issuances including debentures, bonds, deposits, other market securities and credit products.

Together with our expertise in trusteeship and advisory for structured finance, as well as securitisation transactions, we can provide in-depth knowledge of corporate trust to corporates, institutions and capital markets.

Vistra ITCL offers a variety of trustee services including:

  • Term loans and credit facilities
  • Debentures/bonds and deposits
  • Securitisation and structured finance
  • Private equity, venture capital & alternative investments funds (AIFs)
  • Employee stock option/employee welfare trust structures
  • Administration of legal structures
  • Escrow & securities monitoring
  • Trust & retention account agent and facility agent
  • Collective investment schemes and public issuances
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs) and infrastructure investment trusts (InvITs)

Please visit the Vistra ITCL website for further details.

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