An essential service to protect your company and brand names.

Protect your brand, preserve your reputation

NameGuard is an essential service for any business that wants to protect its company and brand names. We monitor the UK Companies House register on a daily basis and identify any companies who have registered a name similar to the names being protected.

Protect your Intellectual Property

Subscribe to NameGuard and let us protect the names that are important to your business:

  • Take prompt action where appropriate to protect your valuable intellectual property against possible trademark infringement or 'passing off'
  • Get weekly reports on relevant new incorporations and name changes
  • See variations on your company name - such as phonetically similar names
  • Receive follow-up information on any company flagged as a concern
  • Monitor a range of names, or a single company identity
  • Order discounted company searches on any companies flagged by NameGuard

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