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Fund Administration

As a fund manager, you know efficient and reliable administration is essential, which is why you need an experienced administrator you can trust.

We’re one of the world’s leading providers of fund administration in assets under administration (AuA). Our comprehensive suite of services will help you structure your fund, communicate with investors, comply with regulation and distribute returns.

With a dedicated team of Vistra experts supporting your fund and a single point of contact, you’ll receive quality and continuity of service. Whatever the stage of your fund, from initial structuring to winding up, we’ll deliver you a professional service.

Fund Formation and Fund Raising

We offer complete administrative support to help you launch your fund.

At the early stages of fund planning, we work with you and your tax and legal teams to advise on a suitable structure. We then manage a full range of procedures in preparation for the first closing, including establishing fund vehicles and SPVs, liaising with regulators, conducting anti-money laundering checks and reviewing subscriptions.

For the rest of the fund’s life we provide continual administrative support, complemented by clear and timely reporting.

Bookkeeping and Reporting

We help you deliver information to your investors quickly, easily and clearly. And whether you prefer secure online or traditional communication methods, we provide a reporting system to match.

Our reporting teams are fully qualified to prepare statements in accordance with your required accounting standards such as INREV, EVCA/Invest Europe, IFRS, US GAAP, and UK GAAP.

By understanding your fund’s investments, the effect of foreign exchange and any fees and expenses, our accounting teams calculate the net asset value of the fund for you.

Our bookkeeping and reporting services include:

  • Preparing interim unaudited fund reports and yearly audited accounts
  • Preparing capital account statements
  • Calculating daily/weekly/monthly net asset value (NAV)
  • Preparing independently priced and accurate portfolio valuations
  • Maintaining accounting records
  • Monitoring fund expenses and wire transfers
  • Preparing audit requests
  • Monthly reporting for fund manager accounts
  • Customised reporting, including environmental, social and governance disclosures
  • Risk reporting and forecasting

Call and Distribution Notices

We know which are the best practices templates and will apply these, but we will tailor the text of notices according to the requirements of your fund.

Included in our services:

  • Preparing and distributing notices to investors
  • Processing subscriptions and redemptions
  • Monitoring and reconciling payments

Waterfalls and Carried Interest

We have extensive experience managing the distribution of fund profits to partners and executives.

We recognise that calculating the waterfall correctly is a key administrative element for the manager and the investors and offer qualitative checks in the interest of all parties.

As well as administering these payments, we work with your other professional advisers to ensure the efficient structuring of carried interest vehicles and assist with the allocation of carry to new joiners.

Additional Services

Investor Services

  • Collecting and maintaining investor records
  • Completing rigorous ‘know your client’ and anti-money laundering checks on investors
  • Preparing and distributing dynamic investor statement reports
  • Calculating incentive fees via an automated online platform
  • Answering investor’s queries

Year End Services

  • Assist audit inquiries and communication
  • Provide tax information and coordinate with tax expert

Treasury Services

  • Initiate or approve wire transfers for payments (both for the fund and fund manager)
  • Provide investor escrow bank accounts for onshore and offshore funds

To discuss how we could assist you, please contact one of our specialists or complete the enquiry form.

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