Real Estate Fund Operations


Real Estate Fund Operations: Have They Reached An Inflection Point? An Asset Manager and Sovereign Wealth Perspective

This report focuses on the global non-listed real estate (RE) industry. It is a market that has changed significantly during the last 25 years and continues to evolve. It has become democratised to the extent that it is now a sub-asset class on the radar of a much broader range of investors.

Operationally, the RE fund industry is changing quite dynamically and one of the principle drivers is post-financial crisis regulation. This is leading to greater transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.

For this and for other reasons that we explore, the RE industry seems to have reached an inflection point and business models may need to change. A result of this is consolidation among firms across the industry and a close examination as to how their various operational functions are carried out.

This report focuses on four main areas as outlined below. In order to learn about these we spoke to senior executives of real estate Asset Managers (AMs) and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs).

  1. Factors affecting business operations
  2. The operational model: insourcing vs outsourcing
  3. The outsourced model: what is driving change?
  4. Technology: now and in the future

Download the infographic and executive summary here

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