Carmel Butler

Manager Corporate Services Cayman Islands

With apposite relevant experience in structured finance, capital markets and alternative investments gained over the past two decades at an international investment bank in London, an international law firm in New York, and a corporate services provider in Cayman Islands, Carmel joined Vistra Cayman in June 2018 following Vistra Group’s acquisition of Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Services business.

As Corporate Services Manager at Vistra Cayman, Carmel is adept and seasoned in the provision of corporate services and corporate governance for SPV entities throughout the transactional life-cycle of many and diverse transaction structures. She implements and delivers Vistra's corporate services Solutions for Corporate Clients, Fund Managers, Private Clients with a client-orientated focus responsive to client requirements. 

Carmel graduated from Columbia University School of Law, J.D, and London School of Economics, LLB Laws.

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