Transform your fund and entity operations

Achieve operational efficiency with Vistra through smarter processes, technology, and outsourcing strategies, freeing you up to make better investment decisions to benefit your fund’s performance now and in the future. Speak to us to find out how we can help.


Take control of your fund operations

Rapidly growing funds often face inconsistent operating processes and a web of third-party suppliers and systems that don’t work well together. It makes operations complex, expensive and fragile and puts you on the backfoot with LPs.

Streamlining fund, entity and portfolio company operations can seem overwhelming. That’s why we perform a strategic operational review to identify where and how we can implement standardised global processes across your fund and SPV operating platform.


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Unleash the value of your fund operations

Operational transformation doesn’t need to be daunting

Consolidate your suppliers and regain control of your operations. With standardised global processes, industry leading service centres and world-class fund and operational services – you can streamline and transform your global fund operations with Vistra.


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We’re transforming the operational model of some of the largest funds in the world. Recently completing one of the most complex transformations in the history of the industry.

How we can help you transform your operations

We’ve invested millions of dollars over many years in building the industry’s best processes, technology and expertise across private equity, real estate, hedge and debt funds, to help you build an operating model that’s right for your future.

Getting started

From the moment we start talking our teams work with you to understand your situation and goals, bringing in the relevant subject matter experts to provide a detailed view of how we can support your transformation journey. 

Our teams are experienced in providing a smooth onboarding; with the right processes, technology and timelines that work for you.

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Private equity assets under administration

Fund Services

Reduce lead times and risks from incorporation through to launch with a team of fund service experts built to support your structure and operating needs. Add in an intuitive fund platform, streamlined investor onboarding and due diligence, and ensure you’re set up to maximise value.

Scale up your capabilities and execute your investments more efficiently with our locally-connected, worldwide fund management experts. In addition, our smart platform will give you complete visibility and control over your regulatory requirements instantly so you can focus more energy on growing your investments.

Investment structures can be complicated – with many layers of ownership and keeping on top of all the operational processes can be time consuming and a burden. With our global specialist team, we ensure you can maintain full control of your structures with a team that can support with your operational pain points, financial statements and a wide range of investor needs.

Make your exit effortless with the support of our team of our divestment and liquidation specialists. Identify any legal and accounting obstacles to a smooth sale, streamline intercompany balances and ensure your data is accurate and consistent. With our liquidation team managing the end of the life cycle, you can expect a fast, efficient process and start to focus on your next venture.


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