ESG Data Management and Compliance

ESG data analysis and risk management

A comprehensive solution combining administrative expertise and award-winning technology to help you streamline the ESG data challenge – giving you the time and insight to focus on making better investment decisions.

The ESG revolution is here

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are no longer a ‘nice to have’ for investment firms and their portfolios. In today’s regulatory and cultural environment, if you fail to meet growing ESG-related expectations and regulations, you risk alienating investors and could face fines and lasting reputational damage.

Properly aligning your investments to ESG factors will not only help you promote a more just and sustainable economy but will also help you drive higher exit values, mitigate risk, and get an edge on the competition. 


Robust reporting is essential for success

Understanding how and if your investments align to growing ESG regulations is now business critical. However keeping up to date with the evolving regulatory environment can be confusing and represent a significant administrative burden. That’s why establishing and implementing a robust ESG data management and reporting process is essential for maintaining compliance and enabling you to identify real opportunities to improve performance across your portfolios.

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, our solutions can be tailored to meet your needs. If your organisation is just starting out and needs help understanding its current ESG position and reporting requirements, we can help. If your organisation already has clearly defined sustainability goals or net zero carbon commitments but needs support gathering, analysing and reporting the right data in order to drive your strategy forward effectively, our solutions can help.


We make managing ESG risk and compliance easier

We know that collecting and evaluating ESG data across your portfolios can be time consuming and challenging, particularly if you operate across multiple industries, asset types and jurisdictions and use a range of reporting tools. We can help you conquer that challenge. Our comprehensive solutions support you to collect data, evaluate, and report on how your funds and portfolios are performing against ESG regulatory standards such as the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), your own strategic KPIs and many other ESG regulatory standards.

align and report against regulation
Align and report against regulatory frameworks such as TCFD, SFDR and more
Meet complex investor demands and increase LP satisfaction
Meet complex investor demands and increase LP satisfaction
Streamline data collection across portfolio companies
Streamline data collection across portfolio companies
Access in-depth data analytics and reporting dashboards
Access in-depth data and analytics
Identify opportunities to drive improvements across your portfolios
Identify opportunities for improvement

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Our solutions

Developed to meet the needs of private equity and alternate investment firms, our ESG solutions combine Vistra’s expert administrative services and cutting-edge technology enabling you to seamlessly integrate the ESG management of your funds and portfolio companies. Our cloud-based technology is modular and customisable, and we work together with you make sure its tailored to your needs.

Understand your ESG position and reporting requirements

Our smart surveys enable qualitative data collection and analysis to inform regulatory framework reporting

 – Bespoke surveys seamlessly mirror SFDF and other sustainability frameworks to help you understand your compliance requirements
 – Support initial ESG baselining 
 – Materiality assessments to help you identify the most important environmental, social and governance issues for your fund and portfolio companies



Data management, analysis, and reporting

Our administrative expertise and award-winning cloud-based technology help you to collect, analyse and report on ESG performance 

 – API feeds and Vistra service teams help gather and input the right data from your portfolio companies
 – Seamless technology aggregates and benchmarks ESG data across your portfolios helping you to identify trends and opportunities
 – Reporting dashboards support all aspects of analysis including social factors and emissions data across scope 1, 2 and 3
 – Fully customisable and intuitive interface


ESG risk management

Our full risk-management solution allows you to easily track and visualise risk, quantifying outcomes using sophisticated data analytics action plans.

 – Real-time risk tracking
 – Powerful visualisations to identify risks and opportunities
 – Seamless scalability as you develop your ESG strategy


Report and benchmark against multiple regulatory frameworks

Our reporting platform is customisable and can be mapped across all areas of ESG and multiple sustainability reporting standards and frameworks to ensure you always remain compliant. You can implement a single framework, or a combination of frameworks based on your needs.


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Driving your ESG strategy forward

Once you have a clear picture of your ESG performance, we can support you to spot and drive improvements across your business and portfolios. Our regulatory and compliance expertise and advisory capabilities can support you to improve your people, tax and legal processes. It is a combination that will keep you one step ahead of the competition and create more value from your investments. 

Over the past two years we have supported more than 275 organisations across 15 jurisdictions on over 700 regulatory change projects.


Doing the right thing

At Vistra one of our key values is doing the right thing. It is a value we challenge ourselves to live up to every day – in how we run our business, how we look after our colleagues and in the services, we provide to our clients. It is embedded in every colleague’s personal performance objective.

Read more about our five key sustainability pledges.

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