Management of complexity in exiting portfolio companies.

Spinning off parts of portfolio companies, merging acquisitions into existing structures, and exiting an investment requires planning and preparation. Most structures need reviewing and preparing before they can be carved out for a successful sale. We know how to build more efficient operating structures, improve operational transparency and most importantly reduce costs. And we don’t just advise - we execute on that advice in a globally distributed and efficient way.

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This LIVE webinar will provide you information on the Unified Fund Exemption regime in HK, PRC tax implications for USD offshore funds, the value of outsourcing fund administration as well as the fundraising opportunities and challenges for China GPs during COVID. 
Despite signs of resurgent inflation, central banks across the developed world appear to be in no hurry to normalise interest rates. At the same time, government bond yields remain at rock-bottom levels and share valuations are widely perceived as over-valued. Amid these conditions there’s considerable investor appetite for alternative investments, including private equity. And many fund managers are looking to expand into new markets and deploy capital across borders.
In our upcoming webinar, we will provide Korean investment companies an overview of the benefits of using Luxembourg as a cross-border investment centre.
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