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What makes working at Vistra unique? 

When I joined Vistra, I felt immediately welcomed into the Vistra family. I have worked in several organisations prior to Vistra, and people are not nearly as friendly or willing to provide help and guidance. I am fortunate to have managers that has given me the opportunity to grow in my career and teammates that are also very supportive. At times, when issues arise or there are differences in opinions, we are able to discuss our ideas openly. Letting my voice be heard makes me feel that I am respected as an individual. This culture is embraced throughout Vistra and is what makes working here enjoyable and unique.

How have you grown and developed at Vistra? 

After working in the banking industry for over a decade, joining Vistra allowed me to broaden my horizons, as it’s a diverse business covering many industries and sectors. This has challenged me to grow my skillset and expand my technical knowledge. I am now more confident to speak up in meetings and share my thoughts with senior business stakeholders and I appreciate the exposure I have to different perspectives and ideas.             

What Vistra value resonates with you the most? 

All of the our Vistra values are important, but doing the right thing resonates with me the most. Vistra is committed to having the right processes and controls in place for its clients. But having the right people who are committed to doing the right thing ensures that we can keep the business growing and sustainable in the long run. 

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