Our People | Sonal Gokhale

Our People | Sonal Gokhale


Why did you join Vistra?

My decision to join Vistra was fueled by various factors, including the desire to gain global market exposure, become familiar with best-in-class industry practices and develop a multi-cultural outlook.  The factor that cemented my decision to build a career with Vistra is the organisation’s transparent work culture, which encourages everyone to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.   

Can you share a significant Vistra career milestone that stands out for you?

Since joining Vistra 10 years ago, I’ve had several career milestones. My performance has been rewarded consistently over the years, while my role has grown and diversified as Vistra expanded across markets in the last decade. It has been exciting to work on deals with teams globally, but a notable personal milestone has been my recent inclusion in the core product team. This move has empowered me to be instrumental in developing new revenue streams and marketing practices. 

What does One Vistra mean to you and do you have an example of this?

Working as One Vistra is at the core of our business, and to me, it means thinking globally and executing well locally. It is an approach and philosophy that has allowed Vistra to remain competitive while executing deals and offering tailor-made services across geographies that align with local regulations, while leaning on global best practices with a proven success rate.  

How do you manage work-life balance? Do you think the concept of work-life balance has changed through the current crisis?

My strategy to achieve optimal work-life balance has always been to push myself to complete the majority of my work during work hours in order to get adequate quality time with my family after work. Given the recent pandemic and subsequent lockdown, I’ve had to alter my game plan, as working from home means that personal chores will sometimes spill into work hours and vice versa. While I try to keep a set schedule, the lockdown has taught me to be more flexible and more resilient.   

What has helped you stay focused – at work and personally – through the current crisis? 

The company has been extremely empathetic to employees who are working from home due to Covid-19. The pressure to continue to deliver results in an uncertain market may seem daunting, but Vistra has offered motivational seminars, which have been helpful in helping employees stay hopeful and positive about the organisation’s future and believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  

How do you keep your team engaged and motivated?

I am a strong believer in empowering my team and giving each member an opportunity to deliver their best. I believe that I am only as good as my team, so in order to support their growth, I try to identify the respective strengths of different team members and provide them with opportunities to prove their excellence. This often requires me to take a step back, so that they can achieve the goals and at times, learn from their own mistakes.  

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"Working as One Vistra is at the core of our business. To me, it means thinking globally and executing well locally." Sonal Gokhale, Regional Head, West - Corporate Trust & Funds, Capital Markets - India
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