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Why did you join Vistra?

Why did you join Vistra? I joined Vistra six years ago in Singapore. Having met with Vistra’s management team and learning about their exciting growth plans in Asia, I was eager to join the team. Now, six years later, the business has evolved into one of the most recognised fund administrators in Asia and have increased its head count from 15 to over 100 colleagues. Judging by the company’s growth, I am certain I made the right career move.

What does One Vistra mean to you and do you have an example of this?

Simply put, it is when the combined result is greater than the sum of its parts. This ranges from achieving global synergies within the business to responding to a simple client query. To work as One Vistra, each of us needs to be a contributor and incorporate this value in our daily work. Recently, we made a pitch to a global PE fund. Twenty-five of our colleagues joined the pitch to present a global solution and demonstrate how our teams work seamlessly across borders. This all-encompassing approach really struck a chord with the client and continues to be our key value proposition.

How do you manage work-life balance?

Do you think the concept of work-life balance has changed through the current crisis? For me, I approach it in two ways. First, I try to ‘unplug’ when I am done with work for the day; second, I try to create a good support system for my team by continuing to stay in touch while working from home, so that I can support anyone who may be struggling.

What has helped you stay focused – at work and personally – through the current crisis?

The pandemic has had a significant impact on our work, family and social lives. To remain focused, I tend to work out a clear path for the immediate future. At work, while client activity levels have temporarily slowed, I’ve been investing more time with my team to explore how we can achieve operational efficiencies and catch up with clients from time to time to see how they are coping. On a personal front, I have started to spend more time with family and friends via social media platforms, as well as connecting with people I have lost touch with over the years.

Which Vistra value most resonates with you and why?

The Vistra value that resonates with me the most is Empowering People. Empowering your employees is a powerful leadership quality. It not only helps build trust between teams but also helps motivate colleagues to be their best. For me, I have benefited from this value in action as both an employee and as a manager. My managers at Vistra have trusted me, which has brought out the best in me and has helped me grow in my roles. Now, as a manager, the onus is on me to provide my team with continuous opportunities to succeed - the same way those opportunities were once afforded to me.

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"Empowering your employees is a powerful leadership quality. It not only helps build trust between teams but also helps motivate colleagues to be their best." - Siddharth Swarup, Associate Director Fund Services, Singapore
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