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What excites you about working at Vistra?

I love working at Vistra because I’m surrounded by professional people who take their jobs seriously and believe in what they do. They are experts in their field, always prepared to help clients, and there is close collaboration and connectivity between all the Vistra offices. Every day I communicate with colleagues from Vistra offices around the world, in the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and these connections help me feel like we are all part of the ONE VISTRA team. I learn something new every day, and seeing how well we are adapting to the current situation makes me proud being a part of the Vistra family. But more importantly, I enjoy my job, and Vistra gives me the ability to maximise my potential and excel! 

What motivates you to come to work every day – in the office or working from home?

I love what I do. It’s as simple as that. I love helping our clients, letting them focus on their core business while we take care of the administrative matters for them, which can be time-consuming for a client. It’s very rewarding to receive positive feedback from a satisfied client for a job well done, especially for something I enjoy doing. Being passionate about your job is the key to staying motivated. At Vistra, I can also foster my entrepreneurial spirit, where I can grow and bring more businesses and opportunities to Vistra Indonesia and the Group.

How do you manage work-life balance? And do you think the concept of work-life balance has changed through the current crisis?

All in all, I believe I’m able to cope with everything, thanks to the ability to disconnect from work by hitting the gym and swimming pool almost every day, and most importantly, by following a schedule. Right now, given the current pandemic, I would say I work more than I did before but I try to work efficiently to optimise my time between work, family, sport and leisure. At work, I try not get too overwhelmed by making daily and weekly task lists with deadlines clearly stated, so I can prioritise and never be late for any assignment.

What does One Vistra mean to you and do you have an example of this?

For me, One Vistra means connection and being part of a big family and a growing company. Being in regular contact with offices all around the world is really satisfying for me. We share ideas, contacts and support with each other. I’m not only part of Vistra Indonesia, I am also part of the Group. As such, I can leverage the knowledge and skills of other offices to complement and help my team. This way, I’m able to provide great service for our clients and support our colleagues at the same time. In many other companies, this is not possible, but the commitment of each part of Vistra makes it possible. That feeling of being supported by all of Vistra’s offices and colleagues is priceless for me. In addition, Vistra is growing consistently, which is why we must work as One Vistra if we want to achieve our goals as a Group. 

How do you keep your team engaged and motivated?

For me, the best way to motivate my team is to maintain constant and clear communication with them. If there is any problem, we are always ready to help each other. 
In terms of productivity, the impact of working from home hasn’t been rather positive in part thanks to regular online meetings. Every one of us knows exactly what our objective is for the day and what we must do to achieve it. If we need anything or have any questions, everyone from the team is always available and will try their best to help.

Anything else you wish to share that highlights our Vistra values?

I feel blessed to be part of this organisation, and to witness the solid growth of the company and the great collaboration between our offices. There is no doubt that our core values are setting a solid foundation for the future of Vistra. 


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"I love working at Vistra because I’m surrounded by professional people who take their jobs seriously and believe in what they do." - Miguel Latorre
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