Our People | Claudia Jansen



What makes working at Vistra unique? 

Vistra has provided me with a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic, passionate, goal-oriented business development team. It’s our job to be experts in the latest market trends in order to help Vistra win mandates in the Netherlands and our other global offices.

How have you grown and developed at Vistra? 

Over the years, Vistra has grown, and so has my career. I started out as a financial secretary and after 13 years became a facility manager. After two years in this position, there was an opportunity to move into the business development team, which was an area I was very interested in.  For me, growing my career is all about having the right attitude and being prepared to try something new and Vistra has supported me throughout this journey. 

What Vistra value resonates with you the most? 

Empowering people! Vistra has created an environment that allows its people to share their ideas and different ways of working, which means everyone has the opportunity to lean in and step-up. 

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