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Alexis Alexandrou, Company Formations Manager – Cyprus


Why did you join Vistra?

With over 13 years of experience in the corporate services industry, joining Vistra was the obvious next step in my career.  After all, working at Vistra allows me to collaborate with a large group of experienced professionals around the world who are knowledgeable and widely respected. 

Can you share a significant Vistra career milestone that stands out for you? 
After the merger with Jordans, we had to work closely with each of our clients to help them through the transition to ensure they were comfortable with Vistra’s processes. It was complicated and took a lot of work, but after all was said and done, we did not lose any clients as a result of the merger. This was a tremendous accomplishment and something which the entire Vistra Cyprus team is extremely proud of. 

What does One Vistra mean to you and do you have an example of this? 

One Vistra means putting the client first by providing excellent client service on a global scale and improving the quality and overall client experience when doing business with Vistra.  One Vistra also means that we must all work as ONE TEAM to be the change we wish to see in our organisation. 

If we want to make a difference, change must first start with each of us.  In every interaction we have, we must do our best to make a difference. The responsibility falls on each one of us. It’s that simple and it’s that profound. It’s a true commitment—a commitment to lead with heart and soul in order to add value. 

Describe a particular client win or team accomplishment you are most proud of?  

We have had numerous proud moments over the last two and a half years, but one that stands out is when we provided presentations on Economic Substance legislation and substance to our Professional Intermediary clients in Cyprus. Many of these clients were in a state of panic by the mere mention of the word “substance” and the unknown of what it entailed. After each presentation, clients always seemed visibly calmer and reassured. The message we tried to get across was that the Economic Substance legislation was not negative and that the BVI were still an attractive jurisdiction to do business. We were pioneers in Cyprus in advising our clients on how to restructure their portfolios instead of closing or choosing to redomicile.

How do you manage work-life balance? Do you think the concept of work-life balance has changed through the current crisis? 

For me, work-life balanced means that I can dedicate my weekdays to my work and my weekends to my family. The important factor for me is to be happy at both work and at home.  

Which Vistra value most resonates with you and why? 

I would say two values - Commitment to clients and Doing the right thing because satisfied clients are loyal clients and we should strive to be their provider of choice. 

How do you keep your team engaged and motivated? 

I am a pacesetter and try to lead from the front by setting high standards to drive the team to achieve bigger goals. I keep my team motivated by keeping lines of communications open and listening to my team’s concerns while trying to help them find solutions.  As a leader, I ensure I am the first to understand any new procedure, task, or legislation before rolling it out and involving my team. 

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“Working at Vistra allows me to collaborate with a large group of experienced professionals around the world who are knowledgeable and widely respected.” Alexis Alexandrou, Company Formations Manager, Cyprus
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