Sridhar Ravipati

Associate Vice President – Delivery

Sridhar Ravipati

Sridhar has a flair for leveraging strong accounting and commercial knowledge as well as guiding start up organisations. In his previous roles, he was instrumental in bringing mainstream banks and multilateral agencies to join India’s first rural financing programme, attracting the attention of not only the Government, but also International Projects like the United Nations Energy Programme.

Sridhar is constantly trying to fill the gaps in knowledge about the various fields the company deals with, and is motivated by the satisfaction from deriving solutions. Meticulous in his planning, he believes that in any business dealing, one must always be diligent and think three steps ahead, so that there are no last minute surprises.

Sridhar believes Vistra’s greatest strength lies in the level of collective knowledge possessed by the management, which can be leveraged upon when venturing into new fields. With the kind of work done and the kind of clients they deal with, Sridhar believes that the insights gained only make them more equipped to foray into new and challenging markets.

Sridhar Ravipati is a qualified CA-Inter from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

His native language is Telugu, and he also speaks fluent Kannada and English.

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