Neil Puresh

Managing Director

Neil Puresh

Neil joined Vistra as Client Services Director in mid-December 2017, mainly to oversee the Company Formation & operation team, to ensure high standards of service delivery and optimise the office operations’ efficiency.

Neil has recently been promoted to Managing Director of the Seychelles office, since the 1st February 2018.

He began his career with Intercontinental Trust Ltd in Mauritius in 2001 in the corporate & fiduciary services sector. He soon climbed to become a team leader and was overseeing a portfolio of private & corporate clients until he was tasked to oversee the Seychelles desk in 2005. In April 2006, he was mandated to set up the Seychelles office and has been managing it until the end of 2017.

During 2014-2016, he had also been appointed as Vice President of the Intercontinental Trust Group of companies, primarily focusing on the business development aspects of the Group globally, with special focus on the African continent.

At the end of 2017, Neil joined Jordans Trust Company (Seychelles) Limited as Client Services Director and was promoted to Managing Director of the Seychelles office.

Neil has significant experience reconciling the practical implementation of tax planning strategies with the changing worldwide patterns of regulatory due diligence, compliance and legislative reform. He is also at the forefront of various industry-related legal and regulatory reforms, on the improvement and/or implementation of certain pieces of legislation in the Seychelles.

Neil was educated in Mauritius and pursued his studies with specialisation in IT at the National University of Singapore.

He is fluent in French, English and native Creole.

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