Navita Yadav

Managing Director & Global Head of Capital Markets

Navita Yadav

Navita Yadav is the Managing Director and Global Head of Capital Markets for Vistra Group. Vistra is amongst the Top 3 Capital Markets, Funds and Corporate services providers globally. Till recently, Navita was also the Regional Managing Director for India and Indian ocean countries.

Navita has been active in the Financial Services space for more than two decades. Her specialties include Structured Finance and Debt Issuance services for Infrastructure and Financial services, Development of Financial products for Debt markets, Alternate asset classes in Capital Markets and Funds industry, Risk Management and Tech platforms, Regulatory frameworks and Policy interface. She carries valuable hands-on experience in M&A and integration of businesses across Europe and Asia.

Over the last two decades, Navita has consistently driven revenue growth and profitability of Capital Markets and Financial services businesses in Asia and Europe. She spent the recent decade, leading the company to develop the largest integrated platform to facilitate funding from Capital Markets, Securitisation and Alternate Investment Funds, and for servicing the long term funding programs of corporates and financials. She started her career with KPMG where she handled several key clients in financial services and then spent a decade contributing in leadership roles at two of Asia’s largest banks and lenders. Under her leadership, Vistra in India grew to become the largest asset administrators and fiduciaries. Assets Under Administration grew from USD 40 billion to over USD 140 billion.

Navita has also made significant policy interventions and contributes to the development of new investment vehicles for capital markets, debt market regulations, data transparency and ease of doing business.

Navita continues to develop and expand Global Capital Markets businesses for Vistra across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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