Mylene Djaoen

Financial Controller

Mylene Djaoen

Mylene Djaoen has worked for more than 25 years in the Trust Service.

After completing High School, Mylene began her career as a Bookkeeper with the Vokad Trust Service, where she honed her skills in the area of bookkeeping, before moving on to the Rojoka Trust. Mylene witnessed the transition of the Rojoka Trust to Parkhage Trust, then to the Monetery Group, and in February 2008 the acquisition of the Monterey Group by Vistra.

In addition to the bookkeeping, she attended many courses and sessions held by Curacao International Financial Services Association (CIFA); Association of Compliance Officers Curacao (ACCUR); The Financial Institute; seminars; workshop Central Bank. This, coupled with her experience in the Trust area has enabled Mylene to have a broader view of all the aspects of the Trust Business.

Mylene is currently the Financial Controller. However, she also performs the function of ProxyHolder and Human Resource Manager.

She speaks English, Spanish, Papiamento and Dutch.

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