Marcia DeForest

Director, US Corporate Tax Services

Marcia DeForest

Marcia has been with Vistra since her former employer, Montage-Services was acquired.   She joined Montage-Services in 2013.  She provides a broad range of services to clients including tax structuring, due diligence, tax planning, income and sales tax assistance, etc.    Many of her clients are overseas entities entering the US or expanding their operations in the US. 

Marcia DeForest has over 20 years of broad tax experience. Marcia started her accounting career at Price Waterhouse and spent over 10 years in banking, first at Wells Fargo Bank, and later at Bank of America and received BofA’s Excellence in Finance award. Prior to joining Montage-Services, Ms. DeForest was a Senior Tax Manager at Rowbotham & Co. LLP where she provided tax planning and tax return preparation for individuals and closely held entities. She has worked in both public accounting and private industry. Her corporate tax experience includes positions in the tax departments of Bank of America, McKesson Corporation, Vodafone, Wells Fargo and Homestake Mining Company.

Marcia has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, a Master’s in Business from UC Berkeley, and a Master’s in Tax from Golden Gate University. While at Berkeley, Ms. DeForest was president and founder of the Management Information Systems Organization. She was recognized as the Outstanding Student in her graduating class at Golden Gate University. 

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