Mabel Chan

Director, Trade Services, Corporate & Private Clients

Mabel Chan

Mabel has over 15 years' working experience in the consumer electronics industry. With a BA in Marketing and Public Relations, Mabel helps her clients overcome business, trade and cultural issues on a daily basis. She strongly believes that high quality services and building relationships are the key to retaining clients, and is always looking for ways to improve our comprehensive package of services.

Mabel is the Director of Trade Services, Corporate & Private Clients in Hong Kong. Overseeing the trade services department, Mabel works with big box retailers and well-known OEM/ODM buyers around the world, sharing her experience in the manufacturing field, from order to delivery. She assists in all steps of the supply chain, including design, material costing, pricing, manufacturing, logistics, until payment.

Mabel has a BA degree in Marketing and Public Relations. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

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