Katarzyna Siemiątkowska

Supervisor Corporate Services

Katarzyna Siemiątkowska

Katarzyna joined Vistra in 2009, and from the very start she has proved to be a hard worker and very ambitious person. Her attitude and strive for excellence enabled her to go through her whole career path at Vistra to finally become Management Corporate Services Supervisor over a short period of time. Currently she is a team leader, responsible for not only supervising and organising work for her team members, but also plays a key role at maintaining good business relations with new and current clients.

Katarzyna has started gaining a lot of work experience during her studies. She became a volunteer at Academia Iuris Foundation, based in Warsaw where she had chance to provide legal advice to people of modest means in a whole spectrum of legal sphere. In 2009 she moved to London for a year where she worked in the Legal Department of the General Consulate of the Republic of Poland. She had a chance not only to gain experience in mediation but also to get familiar with coroner work. After a year abroad she came back to Poland where for a short period of time she was working in a small but dynamic Legal Office. Her career gained a momentum after working in the Legal & Regulations Department in one of the biggest company in telecommunication sector on the Polish market.

Katarzyna holds a Master degree in Law, and a Diploma of Higher Education in An Introduction to English Law and the Law of the European Union lead by the Centre for English and European Legal Studies at Warsaw University, organised in association with the Centre for European Legal Studies, the Law Faculty, Cambridge University.

Her native language is Polish and she had a good understanding of English and speaks a little French.

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