Kamila Hada

Manager – Accounting Services, Poznan

Kamila Hada

Kamila is an Accounting Manager and leads the Vistra Poznan office.

Kamila joined Vistra in 2014 and has held various roles in the organisation during this time. She has extensive experience in outsourcing accounting services, especially in real estate. She also provides services for a large portfolio of our key clients in the logistics industry.

In 2022, she joined the Junior Leadership Council Membership to actively drive change and innovation within Vistra. She collaborates with colleagues across borders to ideate, prepare and execute initiatives in line with our Strategy and Key Performance Indicators.

Kamila is also President of our CSR Committee in Poland and is involved in many CSR initiatives. She works with multiple charities who support orphaned children, war refugees, homeless and animals.

Kamila holds a master’s degree in Finance at Kozminski University in Warsaw.

Kamila’s native language is Polish and she speaks fluent English and basic Spanish.

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